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Timothy Arthur Jones

Cross-Functional Executive
& Engineering Leader

Greetings from Tim

Guiding Companies through Difficult Challenges

MBA, BS-CIS, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Dig-in to the systems, the technology, and the infrastructures using my deep experience to see what others may have missed

  • Fearlessly identify gaps and misalignments at all levels of the company - without ego or animus

  • Pivot quickly to become what's needed for success - moving seamlessly between tough Systems, Design, and Test challenges to Organizational and Infrastructural needs

  • Build teams and solutions based on data-driven, results oriented, and people centered approaches

  • Create transparency and trust within our teams, between our departments, and with our customers

  • Solve the most challenging technological, infrastructural, and systems issues the business faces

Most importantly, work relentlessly to help everyone around me achieve their full potential.

Tim's 2021 Portrait Blue Blended Backgro

The best indicator of future performance is past success.

My fantastic ride with world-class companies - on some of the most amazing technologies ever conceived - is hard to convey!  So much happens in a single year.   I can do a lot because I've done a lot!

I served with the US Air Force, then Emerson Motor Company, United Technologies Corporation, GE Aviation, L3Harris, and Uber ATG.

Each company was a top-tier Fortune 500 engineering firm.  Each provided tremendous technical and leadership training.  And each allowed me to work on both the products, and the business behind the products.

Product Technologies Worked

Uber ATG AV.jpeg

Autonomous Vehicles

Uber Advanced Technology Group

ULA Heavy.jpg

Rocket Avionics

United Technologies, L3Harris


International Space Station & Visiting Vehicles

L3Harris & NASA

F35 Pilot and HUD Helmet.jpg

Avionics & Actuators

United Technologies, GE Aviation, L3Harris

distributed-aperture-system-5000-1920 (r

Infrared Systems


Cygnus at ISS with C2V2 first flight.jpg

Satellite Communications



Space Shuttle

United Technologies


Missiles & Torpedoes

United Technologies, L3Harris



United States Air Force

Glideslope and Localizer Instrument Land

Instrument Landing Systems & RF Beacons

United States Air Force


Commercial Pumps & Motors

Emerson Motor, United Technologies


RF TX/RX Radios

United States Air Force, L3Harris

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Major Projects Mosaic.png


Major Systems Engineering & Test Projects

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